Monday, February 24, 2014


Full marks to Kimberley City Council and, in particular, Andy Christie their Building Inspector.
Andy has very successfully put together a program that rewards builders of new homes and homeowners who are planning renovations by giving a rebate on the Building Permit fees based on the Energuide rating at completion. On presenting this to Council it received  unanimous backing and is now part of the Kimberley Community Sustainability Plan.
For so long now many municipalities have talked of energy efficiency, sustainability, greenhouse gas reductions et al. Now, at last, we have a City that has put their money where their mouth is and is really committed to improving local housing for all.
As we move on into the time of increased rates from the utility companies this will prove to be a great incentive for homeowners and builders alike to make their properties more energy efficient and more comfortable. In particular, for new homes, couple this incentive with the BC Hydro/Fortis Gas program for reaching Energuide 80, that can pay out over $2000, there is a substantial sum to be had. Why would a builder not do this?
If you'd like more information on the program then you can contact Andy Christie at or by phone on 250-427-9655 or the City of Kimberley site HERE